Ads for Tumblr

SO MANY sponsored posts out there - and they don’t tell you until you’ve read through the entire tutorial. Who do I trust?

Well there are several blogs I trust totally - and post from regularly and ones who you may notice I never ever post from. I read through so many tutorials daily and am so good at spotting the “sponsored post” that doesn’t come out and declare it’s sponsored from the get-go. One tip off? Tons of links to the product and really, how excited can you really be about paint that is beyond cool and available in a million colors and works miracles {squeal} and {giggle} (OK - a little sarcastic because I neither squeal or giggle ever). But I’m also thinking, “Why don’t they just write that this is a sponsored post at the top so they don’t upset me by kind of wasting my time if I don’t want to read a sponsored post?” And I am cringing and wincing as I write this because some of my favorite blogs is doing it today (I don’t post that much from them, but I like their link parties). Then I get to the very bottom of the page and it says, “I¬†wrote this post as part of a paid campaign blah blah blah.” Well you should have said so at the top of your post so I could decide whether to spend my time reading your post and do I believe your over-the-top endorsement of this product? Absolutely not. No product is perfect.