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I don’t think any of my readers are doing this, but when someone manually deletes the content source they are violating the copyright conditions of the blogs I post from.

Please don’t do this. Don’t link back to your own blog or business in the content source and click through link area (I mean, really?). This is actually not allowed on Tumblr and is against their regulations. This is in reference to so many of my posts, but right now I’m seeing it all over the place for the pinata cookie post (and it’s ridiculous because the content source also linked to the recipe if my description was deleted). 

How do you tell if your original post has been gutted of its content source? You can tell if someone has removed your content source by going to someones reblog of your post, then going to “reblog” and looking to see what info (if any) is left. 

EDIT:a-forest-grew said: If you hold ALT and click the reblog it will reblog something automatically, but I heard it removes the source when you do that. So it’s probably people doing that. It’s not intentional.

Truebluemeandyou: I just tried it two times, and so did some other readers and it doesn’t remove the content source or tags or anything. The removal of the content source is deliberate - especially when people put links to their own Tumblr blogs, businesses, and blogs outside of Tumblr.