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laynalovegood asked: The issue I find with Tina Fey's comment that you had posted is that while she is saying women are held up to ridiculously high standards (I totally agree with this) but she is also shaming Kim Kardashian. I felt that Tina Fey was just jumping on the bandwagon of I-hate-Kim-Kardashian.

I didn’t understand Tina Fey’s quote like that at all. I took it as Tina Fey saying that Kim Kardashian is incredibly beautiful and fulfills society’s current definition of beatuy. Tina Fey was joking that her beauty must have been given to her by someone other than her parents (in this case “Russian scientists”). This goes back to the olden days when people said, “She’s so beautiful - the father must’ve been the milkman.” 

Thank you for your message - I think having any kind of dialogue on society’s definition of female beauty is a healthy thing.

I won’t post the messages asking me to take down Tina Fey’s quote but I would suggest to those people to reread the quote (several of them have asked for their messages to be kept private). Tina Fey is basically saying that 99.99% of us cannot live up to the media’s ideal of “the perfect woman”. I know this quote makes me smile and nod my head saying YES! 

I SO WISH I could make the messages I get public, but I can’t.