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DIY Hand Carved Stamps for Stationery Gifts Tutorial from Mad Mim. Top Photo: personalized Valentine stamp tutorial from Mad Mim here, Bottom Photo: personalized stationery gift stamps from Mad Mim here. You could make this into a personalized present by adding blank cardstock cards and envelopes (Michaels has huge sales on these all the time), hand carved stamps for stationery, and printing supplies. 

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DIY Easy 20 Minute Sponge Stamped Wall Art Tutorial from I Spy DIY here. Big canvases are so cheap at Micheals i.e. sometimes they’re sold in packs, on sale or you can use your 40% coupon. My walls are covered by own art, large framed photographs, modern quilts I’ve made, and a grouping of old silver (sterling and plate) round platters from flea markets and Goodwill (so cheap).

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DIY Kissed Stamped Jeans Tutorial from Petit Elefant here. I’ve seen other cute kissed jeans but couldn’t post them because I didn’t want to post something I wasn’t sure would hold up to washing. As I said on my FB page - placement of anything on clothing is key. Thanks to inspiration & realisation for emailing me this link.