meribels-letters asked you: 

… Also, I’m working on trying to get machine embroidery off a canvas bag (dad donated it to me for my netbook and it’s now my main bag for everything). Do you have any tips or tutorials on making it cuter, since is just ugly plain black? D:

For canvas bags/totes/fabric I’d go to my freezer paper stencil and stencil tutorials I’ve posted here: 
I’d also check out my tutorials on stamps and stamping (just scroll past the jewelry ones) here:
Photos: 1. I reblogged a painted quote tote from spacedustparticle's Tumblr blog here, 2. DIY Chalkboard Tote  (Clones ‘N’ Clowns) here *with a link to a magnetic tote bag, 3. DIY Foam Stamps here, 4.  DIY “I Knit So I Won’t Kill People” Glitter Text using freezer paper stencils (inspiration & realisation) here.