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I Just Can’t Respond to Tumblr Ranters Anymore ie those who speak or write in an angry or violent manner

Please please please remind me not to respond to bloggers who just like to rant. This just gives them a bigger stage to spread negativity and ignorance. Looked this person up on google and was APPALLED by what I found - deleted my response to his post immediately after. But why are these people turning up on DIY? Can’t they get attention on any other tag?

marupload said: Frustated people everywhere, don’t waste your time with them.

skillzmcfly said: This person at least has some weird hatred for DIY. I read through their blog. Maybe they got smacked with a glue gun when they were younger. 

Truebluemeandyou: @skillzmcfly - and not just for DIY but for people in general (won’t go into details about what groups - but he’s pissed off a number of people). It’s strange because he must spend a ton of time on the DIY/everything tag to go into details about what is posted there like flag shorts :)

My Icon - my black Maine Coon Cat Coco (Chanel) as a kitten. She’s now 17 lbs and just as cynical looking as ever.

skillzmcfly replied to your post: Hey, I like your blog. But I don’t know why,…

When I see your icon I always think you’re anxiety cat. lol