DIY 2 Liquid Density Science Experiments for kids. For more popular kids’ science experiments go here: unicornhatparty.com/tagged/science

Go here for the Liquid Density Tower Experiment Tutorial below and the layered layered fancy drinks I posted here

truebluemeandyou: having way too much fun posting on my Tumblr blog for kids crafts.

Lots of fun DIYs on my Tumblr Kids’ Blog.


DIY Balloon Hovercraft. Top Photo: DIY by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. Middle Photo: GIF from YouTube video by GrandadIsAnOldMan. Bottom Photo: GIF from YouTube video by HeyThatsHolly. GIFs made by lunapic.com

DIY Free Printable Science Valentines from Evil Mad Scientist. The ones with equations are from their 2013 collection and symbol Valentines’ cards are from their 2014 collection.