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ATL and Clicking Reblog (also ALT, CTRL and Reblog) Does Not Remove the Source. Just Tried It Twice. People remove the content source.

kyriezombie said: Does it happen if you press alt+click reblog?? I’ve been doing that, but then some one said it might remove the content source :(

a-forest-grew said: If you hold ALT and click the reblog it will reblog something automatically, but I heard it removes the source when you do that. So it’s probably people doing that. It’s not intentional.

uhohohno said: kyriezombie, you scared me! I’ve been doing the alt+ctrl thing too! I had to go back and check the recent post I used that on! We’re good, the original source is still there.:)

Truebluemeandyou: Yeah, I just tried reblogging that way and the tags, source info, everything stays intact. I think removing the source is intentional. And it’s definitely intentional when people are putting in their own Tumblr blogs, or even worse their outside blogs or even business sites into the content source field.