DIY Easy Kate Spade Knockoff Hashtag Bag Tutorial from I Spy DIY here. Top Photo: $248 Kate Spade “Is This Seat Taken?” Bag here, Bottom Photo: DIYs by I Spy DIY. I would definitely use paint and not Plasti-dip (eventhough it is really cool and I’ve posted about it multiple times here) because paint is so much cheaper and doesn’t have really nasty fumes. Donatella from inspiration & realisation and I have been coming up with hashtags for things she and I have said/posted on FB/twitter etc… so I would make a huge bag with this hashtag #getmyflyingmonkeys or one Donatella suggested #isuckattwitter.

DIY Plasti-Dip Necklace Tutorial from I Spy DIY here. Posting for the links and how to use Plasti-Dip. I first posted about Plasti-Dip in July 2011 and to see a few Plasti-Dip posts go here:

EDIT: someone messaged me about this stuff being pretty toxic. There is also a warning on I Spy DIY’s post about working in a very well ventilated area. And I’m assuming you all read the warnings :)

DIY Pegboard Centerpiece and Ombre Plasti Dip Silverware from Style Me Pretty here. There is a tutorial for the dipped silverware (and better yet, if you don’t like it, the plastic coating peels off). *Also there is an article on these projects on the Home Depot site with cost saving ideas and prices for the materials used here. Photography by Jasmine Star for Style Me Pretty. More Plasti-Dip posts here.