DIY Machine Knit Lace Scarf Tutorial from inspiration & realisation. A short description from Donatella:

fancy, fast and lacey… from cast on to bind off in two hours.. if you have a knitting machine.

chart and tips and how to on inspiration&realisation today!

(Source: inspirationrealisation)

DIY Smiley Face Bracelet Tutorial from inspiration & realisation. The real deal: $115 Smiley Face & Pearl Bracelet by Nectar de Stagni here.


make a smiley face & pearl bracelet inspired by Nektar De Stagni - tutorial on inspiration&realisation today!

DIY Knit Escher “Sky and Water” Sweater Tutorial from inspiration & realisation. Loved Donatella’s cowl but am blown away by this sweater.


MC Escher “sky and water” punchard turns into a sweater!

details and chart on inspiration&realisation today!

DIY Slouchy Linen and Rope Backpack Tutorial from inspiration & realisation. I have an eyelet kit and they run about $9 or less. You can use them on shower curtains, fabric, bags, plastic purses, etc…


I saw it last year and finally got around to make it! inspired from the crocheted raffia backpack from ShopBop, my new backpack is a quick sewing project, made out of heavy linen. Detailed tutorial on inspiration&realisation today!