DIY Swiss Army Key Ring from DIY Hacks and How Tos on Instructables here. There is a video tutorial and a written tutorial and the supplies needed are really cheap. GIF by me using from DIY Hacks and How Tos’ tutorial.

DIY Stand Up Desk Ikea Hack Tutorial from Kelli Anderson here. First seen at Swissmiss here.This is not an easy DIY but there’s lots of information, links etc.. at the link. From Kelli Anderson’s blog:

With help from metalsmith-extraordinaire Dustin John and better-half Daniel Dunnam, I got to build my dream desk. Specifically, it is a minimalist convertible standing-sitting desk/storage unit made from Ikea cabinets, a top from Lowe’s and a linear actuator. It isn’t perfect*, but it has been awesome to use…”

DIY Hack: Halloween and Christmas Cookie Cutters make Star Wars Characters Tutorial from Sweet Sugar Belle here. Also from this site: lots of posts on how to decorate cookies, other hacks etc… First seen at Geek Crafts here.