DIY No Sew Summer Fringed Shawl or Scarf from guapizimo. Not much of a tutorial, but I’m assuming she used jersey and then just cut the strips (Donatella of inspiration & realisation - if you read this - please tell me if this is the right type of material for this project!). I love how this looks with horizontal stripes. *She used a 150cm x 150cm piece of material - so roughly 59” x 59”.

inspirationrealisation said:

of course I read this :) the way the fringes curls suggest, indeed, that this is jersey, also known as t-shirt fabric! this is such an easy project, and the stripes make it looks so good!

truebluemeandyouDIY Bleached Tee Shirt Tutorial with Stencil. Been seeing lots of bleach dye clothing on the DIY/everything tag. This shows how easy it is to do.

DIY Bleached Tee Shirt Tutorial. Simple tutorial showing how use a stencil and bleach to “dye” a tee shirt from guapizimo here.

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