DIY Knockoff Easy Lace Covered Sneakers Tutorial from Sprinkles in Springs here. Top Photo: $698 Givenchy Macrame Slip-On Sneakers here, Middle Photo: $150 Marc by Marc Jacobs Lace Sneaker here, Bottom Photos: DIY by Sprinkles in Springs.

DIY Grommet Skirt Tutorial from Burda Style here. I posted this Cynthia Rowley skirt 2 years ago thinking that someone must be able to use these cheap giant Dritz grommets in some creative way. Then today I saw the top photo posted on The Cutting Class’ FB page here and knew I wasn’t going crazy. Top Photo: Oversized eyelet jacket Givenchy, SS08. Bottom Photo: Cynthia Rowley inspired DIY skirt by Burda Style.

DIY Givenchy Inspired Purse Tutorial by Sprinkles in Springs from The Zoe Report here. I normally do not post slideshow tutorials because I find them annoying, but this is a really easy “big bang for your buck” tutorial. She used Forever21 costume jewelry for the embellishment on the purse. Photos by Sprinkles in Springs from here.


decided to make my own givenchy inspired pair of shorts. first got some navy coloured shorts (mine’s jcrew’s bowery shorts on sale at $17.49) and some star studs (15mm from ebay by bigbenworld). if you’re like me, i have to draw out everything before i do anything. so i drew up how i wanted the pattern to look and then laid it out. but you can skip a step and just lay it out and then edit it that way. stud your stars and you’re done! easy.