DIY Knockoff Easy Lace Covered Sneakers Tutorial from Sprinkles in Springs here. Top Photo: $698 Givenchy Macrame Slip-On Sneakers here, Middle Photo: $150 Marc by Marc Jacobs Lace Sneaker here, Bottom Photos: DIY by Sprinkles in Springs.

DIY Grommet Skirt Tutorial from Burda Style here. I posted this Cynthia Rowley skirt 2 years ago thinking that someone must be able to use these cheap giant Dritz grommets in some creative way. Then today I saw the top photo posted on The Cutting Class’ FB page here and knew I wasn’t going crazy. Top Photo: Oversized eyelet jacket Givenchy, SS08. Bottom Photo: Cynthia Rowley inspired DIY skirt by Burda Style.

DIY Givenchy Inspired Purse Tutorial by Sprinkles in Springs from The Zoe Report here. I normally do not post slideshow tutorials because I find them annoying, but this is a really easy “big bang for your buck” tutorial. She used Forever21 costume jewelry for the embellishment on the purse. Photos by Sprinkles in Springs from here.