Coocookachoo: DIY Galaxy Shorts!

Truebluemeandyou: one of the best galaxy tutorials I’ve seen!


The materials you’ll need are: 

-Fabric paint - blue, purple, black, glitter silver, bubblegum pink, white, and glow in the dark (optional)

-Black shorts




Step 1: The first thing you’ll want to do is put some newspaper in between your shorts so no paint leaks through and gets on the other side.

Step 2: On some more newspaper or a paper plate, put a dollop of blue fabric paint. Get a little on the side of your sponge and put it in the areas shown on the picture (or anywhere else you like!)


Step 3: Do the same thing with the purple paint (I accidentally already started in the above picture), and put it in the following areas.. As you can see, I added a bit more of blue to the very bottom right side of the shorts to even out the purple on that side


Step 4: Get a tiny bit of the pink paint and blend it in between where the blue and purple paint meet to add some dimension. (sorry, the picture is unclear)


Step 5: I personally thought this didn’t look galaxy enough, so what I did was add an EXTREMELY thin layer of black paint to the middle of the sponge and put blotches of it where the paint looked too thick on the shorts


Step 6: Put the silver glitter paint on the sponge and put it all over the front side of the shorts. Don’t put it on too heavily otherwise it’ll take away from the galaxy effect. (picture is also hard to see, sorry)


Step 7: This part is up to you with the stars. I started out with the ones that were like diamonds (I used glow in the dark paint because it was easy to correct, but you can use white paint) so it looked like this


I didn’t like it so I took it off before it dried and used a pencil to dot on white paint everywhere. I thought this also looked terrible but decided to go over some of the white dots with some purple and blue paint in the corresponding areas, but not too thickly so you could barely see the stars. It added a lot more depth to the shorts! Make sure you reapply the silver glitter where you went over again with more paint so those don’t disappear


So there you go! Your very own galaxy shorts!

Don’t be afraid to go through some trial and error and put paint where you think it needs to go! I ended up putting more paint on the left in the bottom and top! Make it your OWN! Express yourself a little! Have fun!

(Source: intensityofamillionsuns)