Suggestions for Denim Vest?

aconfusedidentity asked:

Do you have any ideas for things to do to a denim jacket? I’ve already cut off the sleeves 

truebluemeandyou: Go to and on page 1 and 2 I’ve posted vests with inserted sweater sleeves and on page 3 there is a restyled jacket with leather sleeves. There is also a cool button back (skull) denim jacket tutorial here:

What are your suggestions?

callasoreon answered: You can make really cool designs with safety pins! 

truebluemeandyou; I have two safety pin tutorials with a crown here and the other with wings here.

inspirationrealisation answered: knitted sleeves or use the sleeves of a sweater or a sweatshirt! 

whaddaworm answered: you can add patches to it, like these

truebluemeandyou: you can also get different looks if you don’t want to embroider or use patches with iron on tee shirt paper.

wittywallflower answered: Are we still doing the ombré thing? Could dip dye or bleach it

Truebluemeandyou: I’m still seeing lots of dyed/ombre denim. You can check my blog out here: and

rainbowelbows said: I love cutting out the back and replacing it with lace, or adding lace detailing on the pockets. (See the A Beautiful Mess denim shirt tutorial.)

jessicariddle answered: bleach it ! or just the top or bottom half far a gradient affect.

eleanorisabel answered: I added pom pom trim to mine - it was really quick and easy

calla-soreon said: I have a bunch of black and white buttons of varying sizes, any suggestions on something to do with them?

I’d go and look through my 13 pages of button DIY posts (some of course aren’t what you are looking for, but lots are). This is how you can search my blog (or any blog) on Tumblr: 

I have so many posts on my blog now that you can type in almost anything like “clouds” and get lots of posts:

I have gotten requests to add new tags to my sidebar: nail art and animals. Does anyone else have suggestions to make my massive blog easier to search?

callasoreon answered: You have a TON of fashion stuff, maybe split it off into dresses, bags, tops, bottoms, ect.

Truebluemeandyou: Do you think people know they can search my blog using tags like or

callasoreon said: Well I certainly didn’t! I usually just use the ones you have on the side bar.

Truebluemeandyou: It’s how I used to search other people’s blogs for DIYs when I was an editor - putting the “/tagged/diy” after the blog name. 

danomate answered: Why not just Tops and Bottoms? And then additionally jewelry, bags.

satoori said: I like the specificity of your tags - please don’t generalize them!