DIY Geeky Snowflakes. For more snowflake patterns (ballerinas, skull, Jack Skellington’s spider, origami etc…) go here:

This note is for bloggers reading truebluemeandyou. Please don’t troll through my site for your paid roundups on other sites.

Please do not troll through my site using what I have carefully cataloged for your Buzzfeed DIY roundups. I know who is doing it and so do my blogging friends who have emailed me (and it doesn’t make you look good). I love doing this blog and ask for no monetary donations or payment i.e. I don’t have a donation button, sponsors, sponsored posts, etc… So if you do get ideas/material where you are then paid please at least mention my blog. And this goes for bloggers writing on Squidoo. You’ve already taken photos that I took for friends on Etsy without crediting them even after I filled out the appropriate copyright forms.

IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER WITH AN ETSY STORE I’D CHECK SQUIDOO TO SEE IF YOUR ETSY PHOTOS ARE ON THAT BLOG UNCREDITED. There are tons of uncredited Etsy photos being used for their DIY section posts.

DIY Two Tutorials for Tee Restyles Using Beads and Studs from BuzzFeed here. Top Photo: DIY fromAlicia from Whimseybox (see interesting shoulder detail at BuzzFeed link), Bottom Photo: DIY from Virginie from Style Reload.