DIY Kate Spade Inspired Ostrich Bow Bridge Bracelet Tutorial from inspiration & realisation here. Top Photo: $88 Kate Spade Ostrich Bow Bridge Bracelet here, Bottom Photo: DIY by inspiration & realisation here.

Really clever tutorial using a recycled plastic bottle as the base for the bracelet. Also, if you have a question about tools or supplies used etc… there are links for everything. Ribbon crimps just make everything look better.

darkcrystalbtrfy said: I just wanted to thank yout for putting my bow craft in your blog =)

Thanks for posting it. I think whenever anyone goes out of their way to post something they created and put it out there in public it requires a certain amount of courage. Your bow bracelet was a really cute, easy and creative DIY and I hope some people clicked over to your Tumblr blog to see how you made it :)