Is anyone interested in how to move/copy their Tumblr Blog to Wordpress?

With all the warnings I’ve been getting from Tumblr about Missing-E and possible loss of posts, etc…, I made an identical copy and moved the blog to Wordpress after buying my domain name┬áIt’s the same as my Tumblr blog (and I’m still having to put things in categories which is a pain) but I at least have a backup that I can search and use in case something happens to my Tumblr Blog because of my use of Missing-E. I used Wordpress about 4 years ago and found it difficult but the new templates and widgets make it a breeze to use - especially using the Tumblr-like theme I used. If people are interested in the tools I used (because the Wordpress transfer from Tumblr does NOT work right now, and neither does another one that everyone has been raving about - but maybe because that’s because I had around 2300 posts to move) I would happily post a how-to.

*I still prefer Tumblr because it is SO EASY to use, but I didn’t want to risk losing all my stuff so now I have a backup blog.