Ads for Tumblr

Please link back to actual tutorials. I don’t think Trash to Couture is going to be too happy seeing her photo with no tutorial linked.

Dear DIY Editors,

Again, please make sure what you feature actually goes to a real tutorial and not just back to a Tumblr blog with underlined keywords (annoying advertisements in the text) or just back to a general Tumblr blog (and not even the picture of what was posted!).

If a blogger thinks this is going to get them more followers (doing the above) they are so wrong because it just annoys people who will actually remember their Tumblr blog for essentially spamming them.

Surfing for Good DIYs on Some Blogs is Getting Annoying because of the All the Ads!

It’s become a minefield on some blogs to just get to the DIY - from popup ads that you have to manually close, to auto play videos in the sidebar that you have to scroll down to find to pause (I do not want to see and hear “healthy tips for the start of the school year” on a blog), to closing the humongous ad at the bottom of the blog page etc… Some blogs are taking forever to open after loading all these ads. So whereas I would have automatically looked at a “maybe” DIY craft on these blogs, it has to be something really special for me to even venture over to open the page. I know bloggers want/need to make money, but there must be a better way to do it than bombard us with ads that quite frankly are annoying and in my face.

EDIT: I have Adblock but these are ads that are embedded in the sites’ HTML code :(

Has anyone else noticed that when you go to a blog now for roundups off of Tumblr you are forced to click “next page” then “next page” and on and on to see all the crafts?

Time consuming (some sites are so S.L.O.W.) and annoying and I just don’t even bother. Lot’s of my previously favorite blogs are doing it and I can only assume that this is to raise page views. This will definitely backfire on them in the short and long run, as people like me will just go to the first page and be like, “Are you kidding me? Clicking through to another page to see button magnets? I think not.”