You know what I’d really like to do now? I’d like to feature a fellow tumblogger who has a pretty cool blog Littletuthfairy runs an awesome blog thats all about crafts and featuring cool crafters. 

Now, I’m gonna say something I think is important. Featuring bloggers and having passion for making and sharing crafts is what really makes this community as cool as it is. It’s really important for us to feature each other because without that  no one would know about “that really cool craft I found” or have those moments where we say “This Crafter is a genius”. So blogs like Litthetuthfairy’s are really important and really cool! 

Keep up the passion crafting comm! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Truebluemeandyou: Totally agree. Recently I’ve been trying to diversify my blog to include creative people on Tumblr and blogs I love. Also working on my Tumblr creative DIY people shorts’ roundup and saw your post.