calla-soreon said: I have a bunch of black and white buttons of varying sizes, any suggestions on something to do with them?

I’d go and look through my 13 pages of button DIY posts (some of course aren’t what you are looking for, but lots are). This is how you can search my blog (or any blog) on Tumblr: 

I have so many posts on my blog now that you can type in almost anything like “clouds” and get lots of posts:

Reader Question: What Gift to Buy/DIY for a 15 yr Old Friend. Details Below.

sheer-dumb-luck asked (two messages combined into one): 

I need to make/buy my friend a cute cheap gift, and I was wondering if you had any ideas or suggestions? (She’s a) girl; turning fifteen; she’s girly in the sense of getting her nails done and taking extremely good care of her hair, but isn’t girly with style or music, necessarily. Also an art student, who loves music and singing.

truebluemeandyou: You can always go on my blog page and look under the various categories. For example I have one for cheap gifts. You can also search my blog (or other people’s blogs) for something like this: (and there are some cute ideas there for music themed gifts).

Does anyone out there have any good ideas for a Buy/DIY cheap gift for a 15 yr old girl who loves art, music and singing?

  • fernandagarza answered: you could make her a little scrapbook-like-type-of-thing with nail art ideas

Does Anyone Have Suggestions About What To Do With Excel Mint Tins?

… this guy was getting rid of about 5-10 excel mint tins. I couldn’t let him throw them away, I knew there was something I could do with them. Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking I could use them as stocking stuffers… but, I just cannot come up with an interesting craft/DIY project.
truebluemeandyou: I had never heard of excel mint tins until I googled them and then found there were almost no tutorials on altering them. Are these kind of like rounded Altoids tins? I have several posts for Altered Altoids Tins here. SUGGESTIONS FROM READERS WANTED!
  • itiscolorfulhere answered: Decorate them and use them to keep mints, necessary medications, bobby pins, etc in your purse! :)
  • imeverythingbagel answered: the opening is a little door on the end…but they could be used the same way, sewing kits or whatever!
  • fernandagarza answered: I use those types of tins for my earrings and rings when I go away on trips :)
  • shuffld answered: small candles?
  • luna1427 answered: i’ve always wanted to send party invitations in mint tins and with this kind of tin, maybe in a button book style or a scroll?
  • ilikechocolatemilkh answered:
  • assbuttdesu answered: excel mints are the same as eclipse mints (and gum) sold in the US. it’s a rectangular prism kind of metal container. um I can go find it for you but I saw a tutorial on youtube a while back about turning an altoids tin into a mini guitar, but if you google “altoids tin to guitar”, you’ll see instructables articles in the first few results. I’m guessing one could do the same to excel mint tins then?
  • ireallylikemuffins answered: I have a tin like this that I use as an emergency sewing kit. It could also be turned into a baby first aid kit. Emergency hair ties/pins…
  • tra-verse answered: buy mints or w/e and personalize the cans w/ paint pictures or stickers to make it look like a special brand of mints for that person
  • inspirationrealisation answered: glue a magnet on one side, place some soil and tiny greens in it and you have a mini garden on your fridge (paint them, optional!)
  • dorothyjean answered: I use my Altoids tin as a wallet you could cover it with paint or polyclay

Why I Don’t Take Being Unfollowed Personally

In the mainstream blogging world people get upset if they lose one or two followers and try to figure out why and are consumed by it. I have lost and gained hundreds of readers while blogging on Tumblr and sometimes I find out why I was unfollowed but most of the time I have no idea why (and it’s better that way - I don’t need to know the details).

I’ve found out that people unfollow you for so many reasons i.e. you become annoying to readers, you post too many bracelets, you post too many times a day, you post something they don’t agree with, you become boring, you post roundups etc… I know this because if something rubs me the wrong way (big time) about someone’s post I’ll just stop blogging DIYs from their site and unfollow them without a word. Today one blogger posted a gorgeous handpiece and called it a “slave bracelet” and another posted examples of real fur - two of my “deal breakers”. 

Some of you may unfollow me for this post. I don’t take these things personally anymore and now understand that you never know what may piss someone off and if you lose followers don’t dwell on it or keep asking why. Because you will probably never know why and it’s all for the best.

EDIT: The site that was calling panjas/handpieces “slave bracelets” changed the name.