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What to do with a skirt that is too big?

truebluemeandyou: If you know how to sew you could recut it into a 1/4 circle skirt with a good tutorial here:  You could also look through my fashion tags for ideas like my restyle tag here (although lots of tops and tees on it) Another way to go would be to take the fabric you love and make pillows.

Suggestions from Tumblr Readers?

avieauna answered: Can she show us a picture? Then it would be *so* easy to restyle!

amandatriplet answered: shorter/smaller skirt, a bag, pillow, even shorts, maybe if there’s enough fabric. :) Or, cut a square and frame it as artwork!

lovelullabies answered: Pull it up over your boobies. Make it as tight as you need to by zipping up the zipper til it fits and doesn’t fall. Put the zipper at the front like bottoms of a shirt. Tuck in the lose corners or let them be. Whatever you want. And then cinch it at the waist with a belt. = dress. :)


calla-soreon asked: I have a bunch of black and white buttons of varying sizes, any suggestions on something to do with them?

I’d go and look through my 13 pages of button DIY posts (some of course aren’t what you are looking for, but lots are). This is how you can search my blog (or any blog) on Tumblr: 

I have so many posts on my blog now that you can type in almost anything like “clouds” and get lots of posts:

gearbee asked: The hand carved stamp tutorial is awesome, but "stationary" means "not moving". When it's fancy papers and such you're talking about, the word is stationery with an e. (I hope this doesn't upset you unduly... but you seem to have a pretty thick skin, which is an asset on tumblr. I correct people's spelling because I like them and I want to help them look as intelligent and professional as possible.)

Thanks - will correct it on both blogs. I appreciate it when people correct my grammar - seriously (like when I totally misspelled something numerous times for my DIY Gift Guides until someone thankfully messaged me). And yes, I have a VERY thick skin - you absolutely have to on Tumblr.

EDIT: Just changed “stationary” to “stationery” five times including my tags.