Since this is a DIY Blog - DIY Church signs from You can generate almost anything you want - concert tickets, records, cassette tapes, video tapes and the list goes on. There have been so many church signs with messages people thought were real on Tumblr.

I have found that most Tumblr quotes and “facts” are wrong when I check them out in “real life”. When I saw this comment on my Anti Neo Nazi Blogs on Tumblr post I was dumbfounded that someone would believe an ignorant teenager rather than the truth. I’m wondering  when did “actual research” mean looking up  up a Tumblr blog and talking to an 18 year old “dude” on Tumblr about the Holocaust? This is the unbelievable quote from someone on Tumblr on my Anti Neo Nazi post:

I talk to the dude of that page. Some of his views are extreme but when you do some actual research on the holocaust, the jews did exaggerate the numbers and the Israelis use the holocaust to justify what they are doing in Palestine.” 

My Anti Neo Nazi Posts can be found here, here and here. Will you speak out against hate speech and Neo Nazis on Tumblr? By the way - my posts are on Twitter, my Facebook pages and now on Bloglovin’s “Popular DIYs”  - so they are being seen.

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    It’s “ignorant” because you dislike it, it’s hate speech because you dislike it. It’s free speech, lawfully and morally....
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    Why would anyone one be against neopets nazis
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    What. The. Fuck. I’m at the point where I wonder if Tumblr staff is secretly full of neo-nazis and pedophiles...
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    Okay I am usually a very calm person, but this is a subject I am extremely passionate about. I am Jewish and I promise...
  12. ifartstars said: What happened to the Jews by the Nazis was horrible and shouldn’t be undermined, but what they’re doing to Palestine shouldn’t be undermined either.
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    I don’t really do signal boosts, but this is a signal boost. I am appalled. My partner is a lieutenant in the Signal...