Sponored Post… NOT

I got my first offer to do a sponsored post and I’m not going to do it. I thought long and hard if the content would add anything to my blog or if my readers would even care about the product and the answer was no. It was a really good company but not a good fit with my blog. People come to my blog for DIYs not to be sold things that aren’t related to the projects I post.

What would I have gotten in return for access to my thousands of readers and everyone else who reads my blog? A gift certificate. Actually it was a very easy decision to say no. I will be curious which bloggers DO accept this sponsor’s gift certificate and if all the posts will sound similar.

What made my decision so easy was the fact that the sponsor would  have “helped” generate the blog post title and then the actual content of the post. I know that all sponsored posts are not like this one, but a lot of them are and readers can tell a canned post from the first sentence to the last.

I love my blog too much to risk losing readers and credibility over a post that someone else “helped” me write for a gift certificate. 

*I am so not judging any blog that does sponsored posts because I don’t know what deal they struck with what company or what they or their readers want. Because this is Tumblr I pretty much know what my readers want and expect from my blog :)

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    Unless it’s a ticket to Japan or loan forgiveness… I’d say no! too then again I don’t have many followers like them. :(
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    MAJOR love for you. When I see sponsored posts I am 99% likely to scroll without reading, because I want to read a...
  3. fatbottompurls said: I’m dying to know what company. Good for you. I’m pretty sure most people would have taken the deal. I appreciate that you care enough to turn it down. :)