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accidental-zombie-deactivated20 asked: re: “I Am Who They Were” Necklace----Hi! I absolutely LOVE the necklace in your post. Do you, or anyone you know, think they could make something like that? This kind of necklace is the only one I would ever want. Thank you!

In my reblog I mentioned a way to recreate a “poor man’s copy” of this necklace: I then added it to the bottom of the original post.

The main thing I’d do is use ink jet transparency film to print out the photos. I LOVE transparency paper/film (the type that goes on overhead projectors here) and I use it all the time in collages and jewelry because you can layer it and put it over backgrounds with really cool results. I’ve been using it for years and I also mentioned that you can take a photo, print it on 4 sheets of the film, then discretely tape them together and put them on a neon or white background for striking wall art.

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