Turn Paperback Books into Plastic Wallets or Purses


Turn Paperbacks into Wallets.

Truebluemeandyou: In the comments people were questioning whether these hold up. After doing this project (thousands of times for checkbook covers, IDs and purses) I can say that yes they do after YEARS of hard use, and I have additional hints:

  • Use Fun Color Thread 
  • I used plastic for BOTH sides and sandwiched the tissue paper between the layers - easier to sew
  • You can use tissue paper, frayed ribbon, sequins, movie stubs, glitter etc… inside the plastic and it will probably be easier to sew
  • I used velcro for the closure (so much easier than snaps)
  • Make whatever it is a little larger than you think you will need 
  • A like the small or large clutch size because then you show it off
  • Not all sewing machines “like” plastic. My ancient metal singer sewing machine is the one that worked feeding the plastic through properly
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