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True Blue Me & You: I'll Try Not to Waste Our Time: Insane weekend. My significant other woke me up on Friday and said, "There are two Colonels outside who want to meet...


I had had contact with one colonel over the internet about a year ago, but had never met the other one. They were on their way to the last 5th Armored Division (“Victory Divsion” WWII) Reunion ever and were stopping in to see my family’s collection of WWII photos, OCS “Yearbooks”, patches, etc… I…

One question asked: Why do I have these photographs? I had a Army Signal Corps Officer who was also a Combat Photographer in my family (there was a scarcity of officers who were also photographers in WWII). He served in both the European and Pacific Theaters in WWII and had a group of still and motion picture photographers he was in charge of. They took some of the most iconic photos of WWII. 

EDIT: Thank you for all the really wonderful comments. Actually in real life I also am crafty. In the “about me” section I used to mention that I had sold accessories I made to Urban Outfitters (clutches - thousands of them), been in juried art shows, and have had my artwork in touring shows and exhibitions - but I took it out because it seemed unnecessary. By getting “impatient” over rude comments sent to by inbox by one person in particular, I guess I meant the comments seemed petty and mean, considering none of us really know what others are doing in their “real lives”.  

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    One question asked: Why do I have these photographs? I had a Army Signal Corps Officer who was also a Combat...
  2. fatbottompurls said: That is so cool! I totally forgot to ask my husband about his grandfather’s photos. I’m writing it down now so I don’t forget again!
  3. historytellsastory said: So cool that you take the time to do this! As an Army brat, I would like to say a big THANK YOU!!!
  4. redwinesheets said: This is amazing! You should have a blog entry on those mysteries you’ve solved, it would be a great read. :)
  5. marrowdust said: I fail to see what this has to do with the “not creating art” statement, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate everything you post.
  6. kaylawaylaaa said: that’s so cool that you were able to help solve a few mysteries through the photos your family had! really awesome :) LOVE all the tutorials btw.
  7. wy-thoughts said: Ooh why does your family have such collections of photos? I think this is absolutely cool! Ignore the others as long as you’re happy doing what goh love (: love your blog by the way, now of my favourite (:
  8. wittywallflower said: If a person can enjoy reading without sitting down to write their own story, then you can enjoy posting tutorials without sitting down to do each one yourself.
  9. letsmakeitknown said: This is absolutely brilliant! I think DIY & tutorials are fantastic ways of spreading ideas & getting other people to create, so I’m sorry for people who are sour & hateful. But this is absolutely amazing & I bet those people are so appreciative!
  10. caribbeansoup said: you don’t have to justify yourself to them. as far as im concerned, spreading art and spreading knowledge is just as important as creating them.