I have always loved these plain bags my mom used to go grocery shopping with. I always wanted to spice them up a little.

This is really easy but not so fast. You should take a lot of time to do this particularly if you are a little perfectionist like I am.I used acrylic paint,brushes and a pattern I designed a few months ago.  IF you are going to use a pattern or a drawing you can easily put it inside the bag and draw it out. The only thing you have to watch is that you always have something inside the bag (paper or something) so that the color form one side doesn’t get inside or even on the other side of the bag.It’s really simple and people will love it because it takes time to do it and it comes from heart. A bigbigbig + point is that NO ONE will have the same bag!  ;)

This is a little sloppy though.

Truebluemeandyou: Really like the idea of decorating these plain shopping bags with designs and quotes. You can often find them for about $1 (or less) and can experiment on them with sharpies, stamps, dye etc… They are usually 100% cotton so will take dye well.

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