My House of Goodwill:  My daughter’s bedroom

I finished painting and accessorizing my daughter’s bedroom just in time for the Memorial day weekend and took full advantage of having an empty to-do list!

Let me just say that while everything in her room is not from Goodwill it all has been either thrifted, given to her by friends or most definitely bought at a very low price. The chaise and the chandelier were both handed down to my daughter from my friends whose daughters have updated their bedrooms.  I have the best BFF’s!  

I bought the inexpensive curtains from Ikea. $4.99 per pair, and just to customize them a little, I added pom pom trim to the outer sides of the curtains.  No sewing involved and they add a bit of fun to my gal’s room.

The padded head board was $19.99 at a thrift store and all it took was some fresh fabric from the remnant section to make it a perfect fit.  It’s a high end look for less than $50.  I wrote about the monogrammed pillow and how it cost me considerably less than custom ordering it from a major home furnishings store.

Once I painted the wall behind her bed, I loved it so much I continued onto the closet doors.  I scored major points with her when she saw them! (Paint color: Sprinkler.  From Lowes.)

My girl has been stacking her trophies on her dresser so I needed to come up with a plan to give her more space.  I found the black ledges (2.99 each), originally from Ikea, the frames and small mirror from Goodwill.  I spray painted the frames white to keep the wall grouping clean and neat, (unlike my daughters bedroom floor). See their before pictures here and here.

Next to her dresser are more shelves I bought from Goodwill.  They were brand new but with a little tweak here and there they give her room a little more sparkle.  Take a look at their before photo: shelves.

I’m so glad this project is complete and even happier that I got it all done on a budget by shopping Goodwill.  I don’t always find what I’m looking for the first time around but if I’m patient, I know I’ll eventually find what I need to complete my project!

Bye for now…

The Goodwill Gal

Truebluemeandyou: Lots of good decorating tips on this Tumblr blog, and if you like going to Goodwill and thrift shops this may be a blog you like.

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