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What to do when you suck at DIY


DIY Project 1: Hand-Crafted Gourmet Artisinal Sandwich

The best thing about this DIY project is that I bet you already have all the ingredients at home. Both kids and adults can enjoy this one, too.

You’ll need:
-a knife
-two pieces of bread
-peanut butter
-1 plate

Step 1: Buy some bread (it doesn’t matter what kind)
Step 2: Slather on some jelly on one side (it doesn’t matter which side)
Step 3: Put some peanut butter on the OTHER side (for this one it kind of matters, but still–not that much)
Step 4: Put it on a plate and enjoy (Instragram that ishhh so people know you actually did it yourself)

DIY Project 2: *Super Cute* Closet Organizers

You’ll need:
-a cardboard box
-stickers (I prefer Lisa Frank)

Step 1: Empty out any old cardboard box
Step 2:  Apply stickers on as desired (kinda makes more sense to put them on the outside–but again, doesn’t really matter)
Step 3: Put stuff back in the box and put it in your closet.

DIY Project 3: Become a Rap Star

You’ll need:
-Your diary
-Rap name

Step 1: Find a passage of your diary (can be someone else’s)
Step 2: Read aloud and record yourself on your laptop
Step 3: Put your video on YouTube and make it SEO friendly
Step 4: Sit back and watch The New York Times pick you up

Truebluemeandyou: DIYers have a sense of humor, right? I’m surprised the author didn’t put {Squeal} & {giggle} next to project #2. That would’ve been classic!

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